Top 10 Disco Stock Music Songs


If you’re looking for royalty-free disco music tracks that deliver catchy drum grooves, slick bass lines, infectious synth melodies and hip guitar movements, then these disco songs will not disappoint. Whether you are a video producer, podcaster, or looking for that perfect, great time disco vibe for TV & radio advertising projects, these tracks are an excellent fit.

Background Music: Boombox

Disco Royalty Free Music: Boombox

The opening segment comes in pretty bass-driven and pumpin’ and could easily invite in Hall and Oates-esque vocal work to the fold. The pulpy “good times” bass lines give the track a nice groove and shaped with clap bits, quieter synthesizer parts that stack in nicely, and other shining background variants that go over quite soul-soothing, even a bit jazzy and relaxed. The reverb and echo constituents give this open space feel to it, all quite commonplace and broad, but seems to work fundamentally well on this track with the bass carrying everything through, clear and precise.

A shiny banjo-tinged chorus glides over and the music genuinely feels like an enjoyable dance number. It also pertains to a melody that sounds like it could go on and on. You’d almost be expecting a saxophone solo in there somewhere, but the uniqueness of the track is more jive than funny, more exhilarating and refreshing than before, and the body of work stands out from the rest. It’s very fun and bright. Remaining true to much of those 80s elements, this one, in particular, it’s easy to get into and will grow on you after a few listens.

Stock Music: All I Need is Love

Disco Stock Music: All I Need Is Love

What you hear is a high energy, a pulpy danceable, ripened track with some soulful interfusion, an old-fashioned sounding 80s banger, retro synth hints, and funky guitar plucks that’ll make you want to pump up the jam. Take it with you in a convertible Corvette or anywhere for the matter. It holds true to a familiarity of wordless funk you could’ve easily breakdanced or roller-skated to back in the day, but this track pertaining to more recent times is a standalone production. Piano keys to thick funky bass lines set this imagery of old-school New York City street dancing but perhaps taking place inside a neon flashing dance venue.

At times maybe your ears hear Rick James samples to possibly even some early works of Daft Punk, or perhaps you beg to differ. Though, it doesn’t feel super raw, deserves much recognition of how it falls together. While in different places you could hear some roots of a track called “Break Machine – Break Dance Party” one wouldn’t call it a similar piece or a concoction of sorts, and if you’re not into this one, I would check that out and see how they both relate in some ways. Great old school vibes that go hand in hand. This piece has a very honest, romantically suggestive and bright trait, chilled vibe, and what’s cool is how it manages to stay true to its roots, upbeat yet it’s so smooth of a listen.

Background Music: Below Zero

Disco Background Music: Below Zero

Straightforward jam, big production sound ever so gratifying for all-purpose grooves but driving up the dance factor for this delicious Disco nugget. Something that will definitely make you want to bust out all kinds of moves on the dance floor, a rhythm that is dominant and uppity, establishing quite a suave pace and motion without feeling indecent.

“Below Zero” is a track that although may not lend a whole of variation and change-ups, you’ll notice cordial percussion, background swirls, and high noted midsections all make their significant stamp.It certainly shares an uplift and falls into the same vein as being beastly dance hall worthy. It proves itself to be quite persistent with 80s retro vibes, funky old school high points and pumping clarity with no annoying sidechain or DJ pomposity. Overall, low buzz tones grooving along like a form of breakdance, and smooth E-piano keys bordering this repeat pulse parameter, yeah what can be said here? They steal the show.

Background Music: Happy Song

Disco Royalty Free Music: Happy Song

Some strong Italo-Disco variants come out here more credible in this pretty loyal to the core “retro sound”. While an opening like this would almost come full circle with some Hall and Oates type vocals added in, what’s noted here is this almost euro-dance little number with some of these luscious low and high notes, and then even a bit of dance/house piano dynamics that really speed up the mood of the track, and doesn’t come across too cheesy or generic in the process.

It evolves very beautifully with bright synth moments, as these make way for some pretty awe-struck melodies while fat bass tones flow under this persistent upbeat flavor, bringing much of that dance groove to the forefront, and bold emphasis on the title of the track alone, quite true for how it sounds. It resembles that of a grand old time, a legitimate dance classic, a nostalgia trip, a Miami infused day song you don’t get bored by, a few dreamy components here, there, but something really fun to get grooving to. It takes on that cocktail drinking, L.A cruising, summer party vibe, rockin’ beach sunglasses, or that Six Flags-friendly scenery. And as crazy as it may sound, something that would even pose well for a 90s dance party compilation mix.

Background Music: Born on the Wind

Disco Stock Music: Born On The Wind

Stellar retro tune! An engaging kickoff but that is pretty much a common thing throughout. Though it is structured quite ordinarily nice, nothing falls too flat or lackluster sounding. This one will not disappoint, however. And it feels like a party track you’ve been waiting for. Super catchy, lovely melodies, synth-wave notes ranging long to short that hit down and accent themselves most beautifully here.

Outstanding musical atmosphere, excellent variation bits, lots of colors, propelling aesthetic, keen bass grooves that carry the song for such a short amount of time, and with much old-school trajectory that stands relevant even today. A standard 70s and 80s synth funk style for a typically sharp production executed with a modern flair, superb fun electric feel, dance-friendly, a kind of beach city, boombox driven, sun splashy Beverly Hills vibe. An almost scenic ingredient of cruise control drive with the top up, heading down a long stretch of palm trees, something of that nature you may find running a bit hand in hand.

Background Music: Retro Planet

Disco Background Music: Retro Planet

Night club moods make up for a legitimate first impression, while frisky guitar hooks drive the track and simply ooze with sex appeal. Synthy motion strikes gleam over and pave the retro path not so less traveled, like quantum jumps through time for the good old days. Enjoy this genuine toe-tapping, ballroom blitz of an instrumental, pulling in modern production as it does with old-school thread and zeal, not tacky or necessarily stale for the body of work it presents.

The oh so fashionable disco muse, not out of style but lush with twinkly elegance, pink, purple and blue club lights dancing across black leather shoes and sparkling blazers on the dancefloor merging with all these colors into an endless/active night of hype and boogie. Sonically rich, submerged funk where it feels all so worthwhile. Just as it sounds, “Retro Planet”, is a world in itself, a chic and trendy sensational splice of life, but overall, it provides listeners another flaming and nostalgic bump in the night, upkeep to that vibrant disco fever sound that never gets tiring.

Stock Music: Lullaby

Disco Royalty Free Music: Lullaby

Nothing short of a sweet and engaging track here, like a past that never was or a future that never arrived. You can’t help but enjoy the energy the song brings where perhaps all that is missing is a bit of Saxophone or something, but it’s pretty topnotch stuff. There is a little funkier edge to this dance hall nugget as conga percussion, exciting synth chords, and stylistic guitar hooks exert much fruition creating a beautifully uplifting piece of art.

This is accomplished surprisingly well while swinging the old-school 70s and 80s pendulum of disco but all so wrapped in that modernized production of dance, and no obnoxious sidechain which is always refreshing in terms of quality, great rhythm shining through, not too slow, not too fast, but interesting, breakdance-worthy and easy on the ears. Bassy dynamics pop out and feel a lot fatter, swirling synth layers add color and warmth during the chorus structure, not to mention poppy little guitar bits sounding super fresh. Extremely chipper, dance hall-hungry, not sleepy or so much wistful but high energy, all-night party vibe, pushing the funk machine to the limit and not hitting the brakes any time soon.

Stock Music: The Other Side

Disco Stock Music: The Other Side

In that retro realm, woven electronics, funky slices, and sections, apparent 80s synths make up for something incredibly catchy here. While maybe this one wouldn’t pose ideal as a wrestling theme song, or something to bring in a late-night talk show, it lends itself, soft synth-pop infused, funk-licious, essential dance with an optimistic punch that could almost fit well in Midway’s Cruis’n USA arcade game among others perhaps for that suave cruising down the road vibe, pretty consistent and signature in its inception.

There is an outpour of pure happy vibes coming from this track but while it wouldn’t be a totally fair assessment to say it is one dimensional, its colorful eccentricity, rudimentary composition, even though it feels a little limited, doesn’t let you down, and again this landscape really allows for the instruments to shine bright. It’s very lush, beautiful, dance-powered, pastel and groovy, piano keys hallmark a “Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman” early 90s dance motion quality, maybe not as up-tempo as “Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You”, but there are mini similarities, a kind of hot disco infusion between these little ditties that I think would nicely go toe to toe with one another in a lot of respects.

Stock Music: Today

Disco Background Music: Today

This is a real classic and uplifting sound that you will just have to listen to yourself, a fresh gem you will undoubtedly be calling a personal favorite in no time. Hands down one of the best of the disco batch, it’s flavorful, it kicks, it holds on and doesn’t let go and grooves along with an immaculate rhythm, intricate bass tones, glittery guitar bits, relative funk styles, super catchy & melodious hooks, well-executed, painfully snazzy, dancey, up close and personal.

Beautiful octave drops and note variation, an integral part of this retro dance train that is taking listeners on a journey. Synth portions come in very apparent, swelling, nostalgic and magical. It feels it could soundtrack many different scenarios, has an all-inclusive voice to it, diverse and structurally satisfying for the lack of vocals, nothing melodramatic or gimmicky just straight to the point. You’ll definitely be playing it again. It’s nothing short of fantastic!

Stock Music: Upside Down

Disco Royalty Free Music: Upside Down

New Wave-like bass lines paint a unique picture, yet a familiar one. Cool vibe, open space, old town boogie nights vibe, nothing comes as a big shock and there’s a pleasant mellowness to it. While it may not be neighboring a post-punk fusion, it could spill over nicely to a lot of styles of music, especially rock and reggae.

Very funk-driven, loyal to its disco charge, and the old-school vibes inherit a radio charm about it, that can be appreciated by many but perhaps particularly it aims to those latch-key kids who grew up while discotheques and arcades were still a thing in our culture, kids who were once left to occupy themselves unattended for long stretches of time, expected to help out around the house. The Afro-American percussive specimens stand out like a true 80s hit song, alongside a juicy bass tone that dances through the whole thing, shiny and sobering. The bass steals the show and has a lot more spotlight on it, but this ultimately makes for a fantastic tune. Quite enjoyable!