Top 10 EDM Stock Music Songs


Anticipate to hear everything from dirty leads to stomping basslines, slick hooks to roaring synths in these royalty-free muisc tracks. Suitable for TV & radio commercials, film and video productions, podcasts, applications, games, or any project that requires a modern EDM music track.

Background Music: Make It Hot

EDM Royalty Free Music: Make It Hot

This song certainly lives up to its name. “Make It Hot” opens with body throbbing stabs, before dropping into a deep synth that takes control of the hips and is impossible to resist. A sharp beat paired with a loose flowing melody that twists and turns unpredictably makes this song incredible to dance to, whether you’re solo, with a lucky partner, or surrounded by a crowd. Use of the pad synth and tremolo build a pleasant tension and add aural interest. A gentle fade out at the end helps round things up without being obtrusive to the listener.

“Make It Hot” brings the energy and the heat, resulting in an irresistible piece of dance music that will have bodies shaking. This is definitely not background music, not in the slightest. Overall, this is a pretty sexy song that is definitely suited to situations where it can command an audiences’ full attention.

Background Music: Bump & Grind

EDM Stock Music: Bump and Grind

With its heart pounding base and crisp staccato stabs, “Bump and Grind” is a quintessential EDM song. It is the perfect song for the nightclub or a rave, with a beat that captures the listener and resonates through their chest. Paired with a fast tempo, this song is as invigorating as a shot of caffeine straight to the bloodstream.

“Bump and Grind” is deceptively simple, providing a predictable pattern of beats and a simple range of notes. The beauty of it lies in its expert use of unexpected syncopated rhythms, which add a freshness to the sound and keeps the listener on their toes. It also has the benefit of being a piece of royalty free music, which means DJs can play around with it as much as they like, adding their own creativity to the mix. “Bump and Grind” also has a good array of tense build-ups and beat drops to keep the heart pumping and the body moving. Overall, a satisfying and energetic song to inspire movement in the listener.

Background Music: Fire in my Soul

EDM Background Music: Fire in My Soul

“Fire in My Soul” feels unique in that it introduces the melody first, a winding series of melancholic chords, before introducing the beat. When the beat does drop, it is incredibly satisfying for the listener after waiting for it to appear. The beats move hard and fast, punctuating the mournful melody with power stabs and heart pounding base. The song builds and drops and builds and drops and builds again, taking the listener on an aural journey that captures the mind and the body. It is difficult to listen to this song without at least tapping your foot to the beat.

Despite the melancholic melody, this piece is no downer. Extremely fun to dance to, “Fire in My Soul” gets the blood pumping and the hips moving. Add some lights and a crowd, and you have something truly spectacular. You can easily imagine it in a nightclub situation.

Background Music: Old Friend

EDM Royalty Free Music: Old Friend

“Old Friend” brings the classic EDM feeling, with a couple of its own special touches. A steady and heavy beat is paired with a synth that almost sounds like brass. Add in a couple unpredictable stops, clapping, and a heart pounding buildup, and you have a satisfying song with tons of dynamism and flair. It is recognizable without being boring or clich√©, and keeps things from getting too repetitive with a variety of clever add ins.

Definitely a more typical club song, this piece is perfect to dance to, whether at home alone or at a rave party. No matter where you are, you just can’t help but move your body to this beat. “Old Friend” lives up to its name by being familiar, comforting, and loads of fun.

Background Music: Find You

EDM Stock Music: Find You

“Find You” starts out with a slow, haunting melody, similar to what you might expect to hear in a horror movie. However, a hyped-up synth soon joins the party, completely transforming the direction of the piece. It goes from melancholic to nearly frantic with energy. Add in some sharp stabs, and the EDM nature of the song becomes clear. Heavy use of the pad synth keeps the tension high, while a nice hard beat keeps things centered.

While “Find You” definitely brings the energy and excitement people want from club music, it also adds a touch of agitation. This makes it work in situations where you want the listener to be filled with a sense of mystery or get them feeling a bit of strain. Sometimes slightly unpleasant feelings can increase the enjoyment of a piece and get people to release their inhibitions quickly.

Background Music: Superficial Love

EDM Background Music: Superficial Love

Opening with a slowly building bass line, “Superficial Love” creates a soundscape that is tense and dizzying. It is reminiscent to the kind of music you would expect to hear in a futuristic alien movie. As the piece builds, a sound like that of an emergency vehicle siren punctuates the song, adding to the feeling of tension. Something is about to happen, but what? There’s no predicting, so the only thing left to do is dance. “Superficial Love” is a great example of how putting the listener on edge can often lead to a better musical experience.

Multiple times throughout the song, the music stops completely before starting up again. Each time it gives the impression of a new song, a touch that does interrupt dance flow, but is very enjoyable to listen to. “Superficial Love” is a musically interesting song with unique composition, making it something you can listen to again and again.

Background Music: Scrub the Ground

EDM Royalty Free Music: Scrub the Ground

Unexpected and unique, “Scrub the Ground” subverts expectations while still delivering an exciting and energetic piece of music. Opening with keyboard and vocal-like synth, this song changes directions in so many interesting ways. The first is the transition from the opening to the rest of the song, which involves the addition of multiple synths, a new beat, and tons of ripping bass. The sounds from the opening return multiple times as a cyclical motif, devolving again and again into something new. Each time the song builds and drops, the listener builds and releases tension with it, resulting in a feeling of satisfaction and relief.

While perhaps not a perfect dancing song, “Scrub the Ground” has an addictive beat and makes for easy listening. Considering that it’s royalty free music, the layers this song provides are impressive. You could definitely dance to it if you wanted, but either way this song brings unmatched energy and the promise of a good time.

Background Music: Backdrops

EDM Stock Music: Backdrops

Opening with a sound not unlike wind chimes, “Backdrops” is a surprisingly relaxed piece of music, dominated by synths that almost sound human. These “voices” call out in turn, weaving together to create a soothing melody, all the while accompanied by the echoing wind chime-like synth. Under it all, a steady beat comes through, reminiscent of the regular beating of a heart.

Although it is very much a contemporary song, there is something familiar and calming about it. It lacks the harshness typically associated with modern music, instead taking on a flowing, ephemeral state. Though it would be out of place at a party, “Backdrops” invokes a feeling of nostalgia in the listener, calling to mind the feelings of a warm summer night spent driving around with friends. This piece can be used as background music for situations that require a touch of dreamy wistfulness while still maintaining modernity, or for easy listening when you want to relax.

Background Music: Stack Overflow

EDM Background Music: Stack Overflow

With its simple melody and airy synth, “Stack Overflow” makes you feel like you’re melting or floating in space. It opens with a floating tremolo before quickly dissolving into a repetitive melody. The repetition is comforting, a simple arrangement of notes backed by a hip, syncopated beat and lots of reverb. Every once in a while, the floating tremolo from the intro will reintroduce itself, adding an element of interest to the piece.

While not a song you will find yourself dancing to, “Stack Overflow” gives a sense of peace to the listener, grounding them in its steady flow and predictable pacing. Focus on it hard enough, and you might even feel the sensation of your body slowly starting to dissolve while you stand in place. It is a perfect song to unwind to.

Background Music: Walk Away

EDM Royalty Free Music: Walk Away

A slow build up in the intro of this song leads to a gratifying release when the song finally hits its peak. Floating synth dissolves into rapid stabs that hit the listener hard in the chest, causing pulses to raise and bodies to move. Each buildup, drop, and breakdown feels unique in its own way, thanks to small twists that differentiate it from the others. This helps keep things from sounding too repetitive.

Granted, “Walk Away” isn’t necessarily a typical dancing song either. It twists a lot, which can make it difficult for the dance to predict what’s going to happen next, and it does slow down in parts, leading to a shift in energy that might not work for most people in a dancing situation. That being said, this is still an excellent piece to listen to, and it brings its own unique energy to the mix.