The royalty-free music track(s) downloaded from Toxic Audio Labs are licensed to you for use in performance and synchronization projects only. Toxic Audio Labs retains the copyright of the audio track(s). We reserve any other rights not explicitly granted to you. Unlawful copying, duplicating, selling, lending, renting, hiring, broadcasting, uploading or downloading to any database, newsgroups, servers, computers, file sharing services or other illicit distribution of our files is strictly forbidden. Each purchase comes with a single user license, which is non-transferable. Any infringement of this license will be pursued to the fullest extent of international law.

The licensor (Toxic Audio Labs) will not be held responsible if the music tracks do not fit the particular purpose of the licensee (you). The music tracks are licensed “as is” without warranties of any kind. The licensor cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of any music tracks licensed from Toxic Audio Labs in whatever form. The licensor cannot be held responsible for any and all infringements that may arise from the use of the music tracks within the licensee’s performance/synchronization compositions and productions.

All Premium and Free music tracks are provided royalty-free and may be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.


You have the right to synchronize the audio tracks with audio and/or visual productions or applications such as:

  • Online streaming and video broadcasts on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook including monetized channels.
  • Podcasts, web, blog, vlog.
  • PowerPoint presentations, schools and educational use.
  • Film, video, documentaries, TV, and DVD productions.
  • Corporate videos, training, and educational applications.
  • On hold telephone systems, retail stores and restaurant background music, and any other live performances.
  • Local/International/Internet Radio and TV commercials and presentations.
  • Speech and audio book products.
  • Freelance work and commissioned projects for clients.
  • Computer applications and games.
  • Voice-over, fade-in and fade-out, and apply sound effects to match your media projects.


You are not authorized to:

  • Create “derivative work”. An example of derivative work is singing over an audio track or adding a new instrumental line and then create an album or market the new composition as your own original song. The music cannot be resold unless it is an intrinsic part of your own project or production like a video work that is complete in itself and uses the music as a background track.
  • Redistribute the music as a part of different multimedia templates (like website templates, video templates, slideshow templates, etc.) that are subsequently offered to multiple end-users.
  • Register the purchased audio track with any performing rights society (ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, etc.). You do not own the copyright of the audio track.
  • Participate in Content ID programs on platforms like YouTube. While you own your video, you do not own our music.
  • Copy, duplicate, share, sell, lease, or loan unsynchronized audio tracks by any means.
  • Include audio tracks in whole or in part within retail toys, electronic sampling products or program chips.

Completing the purchase of the music track(s) from means acceptance of all the terms contained in this license agreement.


Video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., including monetized channels. Yes Check Mark
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Yes Check Mark
Personal podcast, web, blog, vlog. Yes Check Mark
PowerPoint presentations, schools and educational use. Yes Check Mark
Software, video games, applications, commercial online courses, CD/DVD’s. Yes Check Mark
Background music (bar, restaurant, gym, shop, mall). Yes Check Mark
Internet advertising. Yes Check Mark
Local TV / Radio advertising. Yes Check Mark
International TV / Radio advertising. Yes Check Mark
Movies, film, documentaries. Yes Check Mark
Commercial podcasts and audio books. Yes Check Mark
On-hold telephone service. Yes Check Mark
Theatre plays and public shows. Yes Check Mark
Freelance work and commissioned projects for clients. Yes Check Mark
YouTube’s Content ID, Facebook Rights Manager Service, AdRev, Audiam, and similar service participation. (Violators will be held accountable). No Check Mark
Claim music as your own, resell music in any store/platform, or register with any performing rights society (ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, etc.) No Check Mark
Derivative work. (Remixes, adding lyrics and release as new song or part of album). No Check Mark
Inclusion in retail toys, electronic sampling products or program chips. No Check Mark